Clean-in-Place Brewery

A brewery in which at least some of the components can be cleaned without detaching them from any plumbing or making any other plumbing changes (other than valve configurations)

Clean-in-Place Brewery is a kind of Brewery. Other kinds of Brewery include All-Grain Brewery, Automated Brewery, BIAB Brewery, Direct Fired Brewery, Extract Brewery, Gravity Brewery, Partial Mash Brewery, Single Tier Brewery, unknown, .
Sub-categories of Clean-in-Place Brewery include:  Brewbot,

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Breweries classed as Clean-in-Place Brewery

Name Thumb Class Tiers Pumps Mash Heating HLT Heating Boiler Heating Wort Chilling Sparge Method Clean-In-Place
Amateur Bierbrouwerij "De Schaepekop"
HERMS Brewery 1 2 HERMS Fly Full
'Ol Toby
HERMS Brewery 1 3 Discrete HERMS
Propane Burner
Electric Element
Propane Burner
Electric Element
Plate Chiller Fly
CIP Plumbing
CIP Valve(s)