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What is the name of the brewery? You can use any string, but please try to think of a unique name, such as "Dave's Brewbominator" or "D. Wuertele's Homebrewery". You don't need to use a personal name if you think your name is distinctive enough.


How many tiers does the brewery have? If the brewery does not have a fixed number, choose N/A.


How many pumps does the brewery have? Please include any pump that is used on the brew day for transferring liquids or for cleaning. If there are more than four pumps, please include that information in the "Extra Details" section below.


What, if anything, does this system do to prevent a stuck mash? You can select more than one option.


How portable is the brewery? Can you pack it in your vehicle and take it elsewhere to brew a batch?


What matrerials were used to connect vessels, valves, components, and/or pumps?


How is the plumbing connected to vessels, components, and other fixtures?


What are the nominal dimensions (interior diameter, in inches) of any tubing or fixtures connecting vessels and components? If multiple values, separate with commas.


What system features are specifically for cleaning in place ("CIP")?


How is the mash stirred?


Is your system available for purchase?


What are the system operation steps on an average brew day? Try for as much detail as possible, including any connections/disconnections, valve adjustments, controller adjustments, and cleaning steps.


How is the Boil Kettle heated?


How is the Hot Liquor Tun heated?


How is the Mash Tun heated? If the mash is never heated except by pumping in hot water heated by another vessel, choose "Hot Water Infusion".


How is the boiling wort chilled to yeast pitching temperature?


How is wort separated from the mash?


What components/features of the brewery are automated?


Do you have any other information about the brewery which might be interesting?


Do you have any comments about the submission process? How can we make this form better? Is there anything we should be careful about when registering this brewery?


Was this system based on a specific system out there? If that system is already known to Brewbot.Org, please try to use the node link for that system, or at least cut and paste the actual system name as displayed in the Brewbot.Org registry. If this system was based on ideas from multiple systems or authors, please include as many of their names as possible. Enter representative URLs if you can find them.


How much money (USD) did the builder spend on this equipment?


How long did it take to build this system?


When was this system complete enough to brew its first beer?


Capacity (in US Gal) of brewery. What is the volume of wort that is delivered to the fermenter?


How many hours is a brewday? This should include any system assembly, any pre-brew cleaning or sanitizing, all brewing and pitching, and all post-brew cleaning.


Where is this brewery located? (City, State if USA, otherwise City, Country)


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